Sunday, April 26, 2009

My Girls, what?

i'm not really one for bootleg products. purses (i'm not saying i have enough dough for the real deal, either), cds (i still buy them to support the artist), dvds (On Demand!), so on and so forth. i am half chinese though and i am exposed to them pretty often haha...

i was at Pacific Mall with lissa yesterday and found this Married to the Mob jumpoff...

the proper "My Girls" MTTM tee. this was it's second coming... 4 colours. the first was the simple, yet classic, black & white version

the Pacific Mall "My Girls" tee. you'll notice the words have been umm... made more interesting?

"My girls wear BalenciagRa and smokeO mad maLijuana"

well, let me tell you. if i was into smokeo-ing, it would definitely be malijuana. do you know where i can get some?

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