Sunday, April 5, 2009

MIA Day 2

day 2 got up to a slightly slower start since we went out the night before... today was our girly shopping day. Lincoln Rd was our target... i bought some secrets at Vickys... and some sweet nuts. yes, thats what i said. candy coated almonds, get your mind outta the gutter! SwissMaker, the best nuts i've ever had! ;) (oh yeah... and best pretzel too :P)

i was having Red Bull withdrawl and almost wanted to breakdown and buy one, but the girls convinced me not to. strolling down Collins, i spotted Rockstar giving out free drinks... so i thought why not give the poor man's RB a try. bleh, diet. bleh, not Red Bull. moving on...

i have never seen so much silicone in one place in my life. South Beach has to be the biggest plastic surgery hub EVER. even the mannequins sized up...

outside for lunch on Lincoln Rd. i made the grave error of having one drink with my food. i never drink in the daytime because of the fallout. i think i fell in love with our 40+ long haired italian waiter. luckily he made fun of me about ordering "old people's" pasta and left me feeling slighted. ha :S

Shav and i in the club... i think the look on my face is a result of me dying a little inside from the overload of 90's hip hop. i felt like i was in Toronto haha. anyways, good preformances that night from Wale and Melanie Fiona

P and i after our night at the Delano

stay tuned for Day 3 + 4 soon ;)

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