Tuesday, March 9, 2010

buy me!

stuff i am eyeing. some of it's new... some of it's old. some of it's cheap, some of it's not. anyways... gimme gimme gimme!

dolce vita chain bootie... i think these are old enough to be on sale now... this should probably be my last closed toe purchase. summer is coming, i tell you!!!!!!

cheez-its. i would go to the end of the world for these... cheese nips are NOT an acceptable replacement, even though i settle for them at times.

rachel pally swing top in island print.... anything in the island print will do! the swimsuit is on its way :D

dolce vita pumps again... zebra... my fav safari beast. ok THESE will be my last closed toe purchase??? ;)

my beloved retractable sharpie...

the new hellz bellz general vest. i've lusted for this vest since the first time i saw it... unfortunately, this picture of fergie-ferg wearing it was the only one i could find. ah well. do your thing fergalicious!

coral casio mini G... please make friends with my wrist?

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