Friday, December 4, 2009

Jersey Slore

... i mean shore ;)

i watched the whole 2 hour premiere on mtv and... now i think i have to watch the rest. it's like a car crash, you shouldn't look, but you have to. these people are ridiculous. it's basically a reality show about 8 "guidos" and "guidettes" who all stay together in a beach house at the Jersey Shore... thanks for making me watch this melissa, now i have a new horrid show to add to my list

i have never seen so many...

-fake tans -fake hair -hair gel -fake boobs -bare chests

... in one episode of a show.

they can't go 2 seconds without profanities... or the word "bro"

the guys are proud of their stupid spikey hair and the girls love it. one of them in particular wants her man to be a "tall, dark, tanned, guido juicehead"

if i met them... i would set their hair on fire...



Heyhomee said...

Claw! Bro.

melissa said...

you're welcome! i knew it was right up your alley. :)