Wednesday, May 12, 2010

eBay hotness

i love eBay. if it was a person, it would probably be my best friend or something (don't worry melissa ;)

i shop a lot for all sorts of stuff... nail polish, shoes, cell phone accessories... and most of all, clothes. i manage to snipe all sorts of goodies for great deals, so whats not to love?

anyways, i was perusing the 'bay today and came across... this.

number one... why is someone's mom modeling this tank top?

number two... why is mom still stripping?

maybe i'm being harsh but... ew. if you put yourself up on the net, you put yourself out there... and now we all have to suffer because of it.

and in case you were wondering, NO, i didn't bid.


melissa said...

it's're learning.

this lady needs to at least wear a bra. why would anyone wanna buy that after your stripper nipples are all up in it??

Heyhomee said...

So, does the tank top that I'm bidding on still come with her boob sweat on it? Or is it a whole new tank top altogether?