Sunday, May 2, 2010


i went to nyc a couple of weeks ago for some sales meetings... i do a little bit of traveling for work and i must admit, i'm starting to really like some of these cool little boutique hotels... case in point, Night.

i am, by no means, a spoiled brat when it comes to travel. hell, i stayed in a 1 star hotel in vegas with all my co-workers. hookers in the lobby (teeth optional), dirty ass carpet, plastic under my sheets... need i say more? so, when i got to stay in the "voted sexiest hotel in the US", i was pretty psyched.

the place is constantly under a brooding, dim light... hence the name... and is covered in pictures of tattooed models and rock stars, black and white graphic art and gothic inspired furnishings. hidden by a black curtain entrance in mid-town NYC (steps away from Times Square!)... Night is def a hotel to check out!

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