Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carnival Nationz 2010 Sparrow D'Legend band launch!

so... i'm back after a long blog hiatus... most of my typing prowess has been used for work lately, apologies ;)

anyways! i participated in the Carnival Nationz 2010 band launch. the theme this year is honouring the calypso legend, Sparrow. each section's costumes were designed from Sparrow songs... this was pretty educational for me, as i didn't have a lot of prior knowledge about the artist.

so... this was the first time i ever participated in a launch & i can probably sum it up in one word... hectic! make up being done, feathers flying, loud music, co-ordinators running around, glitter EVERYWHERE, costumes falling apart, photographers all over... crazy. all in all, the experience was fun and i'm happy that CNz allowed me to be a part of it!

i was a part of the "Big Bamboo" section... i'm sure you can catch the innuendo in that song title ;) anyways... it was a more subdued colour palette, consisting of brown, cream & silver... most of the other costumes were pretty bright, so this was a refreshing change for those looking for a more neutral look. what i need to know is how i can get into "d'Birdie" section for Caribana... gorgeous!

anyways... a few pics... i'm sure i'll come across a slew of them in the coming weeks tho... so just a preview ;)

Bamboo girls & Lizard lady!

backstage... crazy!

i don't know how these people keep themselves together amongst all the insanity! my hats off to them!

initially, i was on the fence about the orange lips... but after seeing the pics, i think they worked out just fine :)


The Sweet 7 said...

Glad for all the info I can get ... I had to mention your blog in my chat box,

max said...

killz you look amazing in these pics, orange lips and all.
but then you always look amazing. it's what i heart about you.