Monday, May 18, 2009

Long (lazy) weekend!

so what did you do on your May 2-4 weekend? (i hate that it's called that and doesn't actually always fall on the 24th. or is it something to do with a 2-4 of beer? either way, i hate it. and i hate beer too. so there)

wanna know what i did? see below for a my POV:

yeah, i laid in bed and watched tv... for 99% of the weekend (the other 1% spent having a nice lunch/suit shopping adventure downtown, thanks Mr). geez talk about a waste of time and gray matter for the rest.

anyhoo. some key details about the picture...

-i was watching Family Guy. i used to hate that show (yeah, i know) but now i find myself watching it all the time. i think it's more for the reason that it is CONSTANTLY on and i just gave in

-my Fafi dolls are around the tv and on my stereo. the big ones keep falling and breaking though. they've both lost their lollipops and popsicles. tragic.

-my Hello Kitty socks. i had to run to the store when julie showed them to me! so cute. i swear my feet are happier in them. or at least more "asian school girl" :P

-i don't know if you can see it, but my Dreamcast is there. all i play is ancient games. Tetris... and i am a master at anything Mario (except Mario Kart, i don't like that one. i know, blasphemy). don't challenge me. i've been playing an old Tiny Toons game constantly too. oh oh... and Bubble Bobble. i love those little dragons

-i don't even want to get into how much junk food i eat when i am left to my own devices.

-my million year old bedspread. yes, there are geese on it. i hate geese. they are vicious! mostly the Canadian ones. i don't ever mess around with them. EVER. i saw one in the Square One parking lot once and walked the other way. seriously.

- the large rubbermaid containers. the one to the left is full of bikinis, scarves and socks. exciting! the one on the right is full of make up. top to bottom, all 5 layers. 1st layer - lipstick, 2nd - lipgloss, 3rd - blush/face products, 4th - eyeshadow, 5th - quads, multi purpose items. yeah i'm a hoarder

so... that is a semi tour of my room. forget the closet and underwear drawers. that would take too long.


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melissa said...

i saw a geese/goose whatever nesting in a winners parking lot. just sitting there. i was almost tempted to pull over and try to take its pic but then i was afraid of getting pecked to death.

don't worry...this weekend we are going out. don't diss me for 12 year olds!