Monday, May 18, 2009

Friday's highs and lows

yeah, i know its not friday anymore but i didn't get the chance to post this...

they say all good things come to an end. this week, one of the best things in my life came to an end. Offshoot's Red Bull fridge was taken back to it's home planet. apparently i treated it too well? ha... :/

a case of 'Bull was given as a consolation prize, but we all know that won't last long. nice try, thanks anyways.

bye, old friend...

(and thanks to the lovely annalie @ Faction for my super cute/comfy RVCA dress!!! i wore it right away xoxo :)

anyhoo... these followed soon after... thanks "dad"!!

so yummy... at least the sugar quotient was taken care of for the day!

and my new fav Supremebeing hoody and neon pink G-Shock. ALMOST as good as my neon yellow "Lady GaGa" one. don't make fun of me until you see it.

thanks, ok bye!

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