Thursday, December 16, 2010

'tis the season...

...for christmas parties!

my favorite party of the year just passed... my annual girlfriend's christmas get together (this year the rules were broken and there were some boys allowed. damn you fiancees and boyfriends!!!). we do all the typical stuff... eat until we burst, drink, exchange gifts... and karaoke. Singstar has been a party staple for us for the past few. a party with us is not complete without it! michelle's bizarre adlibs are usually the highlight!

i also played Mario Party on Wii... truth be told, it was my first time really playing Wii... i always avoided it for fear of looking stupid hahaha

... fyi, when you look at the pics, you'll notice that it was supposed to be an "ugly christmas sweater" theme, but most of us failed. joey was the clear cut winner by wearing his mom's shoulder pad heavy, angora monstrosity!

  • mike's brave attempt at Rapstar, even though the only song he knew was Nelly's "Hot In Herre"... kudos to you!
  • michelle's blunders... c*ckcakes? what the hell?
  • the never ending skeet jokes. sorry melissa... you are the recipient of most of these jokes. i don't even know why???!
  • the glasses! the greasy "Harry Potter" spatula!
  • the christmas tree pics
even better... pictures!

christmas mascot... bamboo!

toilet paper presents... with a surprise inside :P

my new glasses are super sexy

ummm... way to make christmas perverse!


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