Wednesday, October 26, 2011

dd weekend...

i know i've been lazy w updating, but did you really think i'd forget to update about my duran duran weekend?

the road trip w jen (my road dog!) was good... we listened to 190 dd songs on shuffle to prepare for the concert... and i drank a million red bulls and ate the best chocolate bar ever (mint 3 Musketeers!!)

we got to Windsor in the early evening and decided to go to Caesar's Palace casino early to engage in some buffet action... but the line up was 103294804958309485 people deep, so we settled on Nathan's hot dogs (that didn't settle quite right?! :S)

the main reason for the trip:

awesome concert, as per usual. simon was in rare form... my highlights:
  • The Man Who Stole a Leopard
  • Leave a Light On
  • Wild Boys
and i took my first iPhone video! Come Undone...

so excited because i get to do it all over again tomorrow... :D

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