Saturday, August 21, 2010

lazy saturday

i'm just being lazy on saturday, after a hectic (but rewarding) week of work...

i was doing some online shopping (as per usual) and i came across a super cute pair of boots. i decided to read some reviews on them, concerning fit and what not... and i came across... this:

"Whow, these are the most attractive Rubber Boots I`d buyed in the last years. I love them and my boyfriend gets crasy when I wear them. ;-)They fit perfectly and reminds me on the , in my oppinion, best stylish rubber boots that ever been produced by the company Tretorn in Sweden in the 70th. These Boots called "The Met" and they are even longer than the "Marsha". Perhaps JC produces simular rubber boots in the future. I´ll be the first customer"

whow, thats one of the worst grammar i'd read in a while.

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