Tuesday, November 16, 2010

i'm back! vacay pt 1

so... i'm back and without a bangin' tan. i have one, but it's hardly respectable. damn you rain & clouds!!!!!!!!!!!

all in all, a good vacay with great people. lets explore in pictures... pt 1!

first night... watching tv with my towel swan. this is what goes on when you have your own room and are not a vacation slut :)

dress twins!

girls night out... off to Coco Bongo. how did the world's worst club provide the world's best fun?!?

one of many annoying people @ CB. i will provide more club take outs in another entry ;)

1 of the only 2 days of sun... sigh. attempting to tan! i said attempt...

stay tuned for more updates... gotta go to my first of two japanese all you can eat meals today... O_o

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