Wednesday, January 14, 2009

pass the remote?

I've been working a lot like crazy lately trying to meet all my sales deadlines... and all i seem to have time to do is go to work... work... work some more, come home, eat dinner. check e-mail. watch an hour of tv, then sleep. wake up, wash, rinse, repeat. i'm not complaining though... i love my job and i'd like to think i'm good at it...

so what do you watch on tv when there is such limited time to spare? i'm not into Gossip Girl or The Hills or any of that crap.... so here is what makes it onto my screen...

24 is back... yay! so exciting! Tony is alive!? & he's a bad guy? or is he a good guy? more importantly, my hero Jack Bauer is back. he's such a manly man... Keifer is a bit of a weirdo tho, that's why i keep my relationship strictly with Mr. Bauer. lissa and i have concluded that we don't like guys who attack Christmas trees or get arrested for DUI's.

Blush. a new reality tv show on Star... basically the search for the next great make up artist. if you know me, you'll know how much i loooove make up, so this is right up my alley. it's probably most straight guy's worst nightmare tho. 1 hour of women and gay men playing with make up. (side note: i found out that one of the top 3 contestants, Todd Homme passed away recently... sad!)

Does The Office need an explanation?

A Double Shot At Love. Ok this is my most terrible guilty pleasure. what a horrible show. i managed NOT to watch the Tila Tequila one... but for some reason, i couldn't evade this one. oh the Ikki twins. how can you not watch a show where a contestant is eliminated for farting on a date? (sorry, Coop.) nothing will ever replace Flavor of Love though. sigh.

other honourable mentions that i am too lazy to find pictures of right now... 30 Rock ("me and my wife play rape!!"), The Weather Network (hey, i like to dress accordingly... AND it's interesting!), Heroes (please tell me season 4 is gonna be better... PLEASE) and 106 & Park (yes, i have a 16 year old trapped somewhere in me!)


Unknown said...

How can you leave LOST off the list...the show is tight. New season starts 1.21.09.

melissa said...

i concur with your entire list EXCEPT for double shot...and don't know you're totally going to be into "for the love of ray j"!!!

annnnnnnd don't call gossip girl crap.