Saturday, January 24, 2009

On the road again....

So at the start of every selling season (there are 4 a year, fyi) we figure out when/where we have to do our road trips. we have a new rep in the house, Mr. Seven:30! so... it's only right to take him on his first road trip (well... him taking me is more appropriate, because he drove haha). we took the C mobile all the way there and... guzzled down 928374982735 litres of windshield wiper fluid

we left the office at around 9:30am (not bad, i used to leave at some crazy time... like 6am... i don't do mornings well!) and we headed off to P-Town (aka Peterborough) for Flavour. i was the only one with an iPod on the trip... so... sorry, you are stuck with a variety of Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, BET fodder, NERD and random gems (Dead or Alive - Spin Me Around!). and lets not forget the Black Chiney mix that seemed to never end and produced Seven's newest phrase "bad man no friend fish"

we did our appointment thing @ the store (hi Mike & flavour fam!!!) and then feasted on McDonalds after (2 can dine ;) they only offered the sandwiches i don't like... so i did some alterations. Big Mac... no sauce, no pickles... plus mayo. good times!). we swore we saw a P-Town crack deal going down... and some people who said "you's guy's". great?

keep it moving for 3.5 hours to Ottawa... to Norml and as usual... had a good one. the new store is HUUUUUUUGE and so amazing. congrats! (check out the shoe wall below!!) we did our work thing, did the social thing (more fun) and then were out!

4.5 hours later.... home.

1.5 mins later? bed.


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