Tuesday, January 13, 2009

I'm back!

It has come to my attention that people actually like reading this thing and that my almost 2 week long absence is frowned upon... so i'm back! Both from my hiatus and LA! :)

I'm super sleepy because i've been working extra hard lately (selling season, you see.) so i'll keep this quick...

LA in point form:

-went with one of my best galpals, Dara

-stayed in a Melrose Place type complex with Debbie & Jennie (thanks for letting me sleep for 9238472394 hours on your couch and watch around in silk jammies all day ladies!)

-paid $200 for a party on New Year's that we didn't even attend... ended up at Area with the Hellz & Crooks fam instead... had tons of fun. drooled over Robin Thicke... didn't kiss any boys for the countdown tho

-went to the Getty Mansion and stalked a kid for his grilled cheese sandwich (oh ya, and looked at some paintings & scupltures n' junk...)

-shopped at Agent Provocateur (c'mon... did you think i wouldn't mention it?) and bought goodies for half price (no frickin' way! it goes on sale?!). i bought the cherries bra & panty... and got the white eyelet set as a gift :)

-went to Pinkberry for the first time... thanks for the yogurt & convo Ben!! we shoulda hung out more

-hung out on Fairfax @ stores & offices (Crooks & Hellz again... and that Bark & Bitches store where the owner loved Debbie haha), slept in the Chicago airport on a botched stopover, went to lots of clubs... drank all the stuff i wasn't supposed to... saw Ricki Lake... and almost burnt the kitchen down (not in that order)

good times!!!!

pictures... perving time!

booooooooo snow "welcomed" us home!!!

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Unknown said...

love your dress in those first few pictures!