Sunday, January 18, 2009

Thanks, Charlie!

so as you already know, Blush is my new fav show... make up and more make up :)

i kept noticing Charlie Green's (make up artist extraordinaire) baby blue nail polish. i usually would never be a fan of blue nail polish (seems so high school)... but looking down at my raggedy neon yellow was getting to me... so off i went to the salon for my very own baby blue mani... thanks Charlie! i love it and... well, thats it. this should be fun for a week or two...

time to go watch the new America's Best Dance Crew 3 now (yes, more tv... it's been a lazy weekend, i'm still fighting off a cold!)


(the most POINTLESS host EVER, Vanessa Marcil... and Charlie Green)

blue nails for me :)

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