Saturday, January 17, 2009

What were YOUR first 3 albums?

i asked this question at dinner last night with half of the 'Shoot.

can you believe that Lupe said one of them was Lord Willin' by The Clipse? awww... he's just a baby! (sorry to bait you out on your age there, it's all love ;)

a lot of rap/hip hop albums were mentioned.... C (being the papa of the group) added some Gene Simmons and AC/DC in there...

then there was me:

1) Spin Doctors - Pocket Full of Kryptonite
2) Duran Duran - The Wedding Album
3) Weird Al Yankovic - Alapalooza

hahaha. yeah, i know. my musical taste hasn't changed that much since then either. ha! lets just say it's... diverse.

what were your first 3?!


melissa said...

madonna - like a virigin
madonna - you can dance
rick astley - whenever you need somebody (i had to look up the album name)

hahaa...and musical taste hasn't changed much at all either. :S

it doesnt matter who said...

your a child of CFTR, tell them GOODBYE! lolz

here are my three:
1) Vanilla Ice - To The Extreme
2) Jay-Z - Reasonable Doubt
3) Mary J Blige - My Life