Sunday, October 31, 2010

truly, truly, truly outrageous!

halloween... my fav time of the year!

i decided to go as the best rock star of the 80's... Jem! the costume was made from scratch (thx mom) and i spent an hour teasing that wig until it reached proper Jem proportions! i even got out the scotch tape to get those straight edges on her eyeshadow...

this is the first time in ages that i didn't go to a club for halloween... we did it up at a house party, which was good because there were less douche bags (i would like to emphasize LESS and not NONE) but it was bad because we were still downtown and couldn't find parking for 45 mins

anyhoo... pictures!

musical masters unite: Jem x Big Poppa!

the Twittering flapper

it wouldn't be Halloween without candy! (i'm getting mine on Nov 1st, when it goes on sale. i'm a cheapass)

the Malibu snuck in the pic!

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