Tuesday, October 26, 2010

2 good reads

i tend to be suuuuuper lazy on the weekends. i lay around in bed and watch large amounts of tv and Rogers on Demand. eBay is always somewhere inbetween too.

when i get particularly bored with the boob tube, i turn to magazines. i buy a decent amount of mags, but these 2 have been recent faves:
  • FT 25th Anniversary special commemorative mag - i grew up watching Fashion Television. i owe FT and Barbie for getting me interested in this industry... haha! covering all facets of fashion... designers, clothing, beauty, architecture, photography... and the list goes on. i can't think of a better wrap up of it's last 25 years. a really good read.
  • Nylon - not necessarily just this issue... but the mag in general. i love it. it's a total culture/lifestyle mag, but the fashion editorials and beauty shoots are my fav. they mesh high fashion with more wallet friendly pieces. i like that... i like seeing something in a magazine that i can actually afford! ha ha!

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