Wednesday, October 27, 2010

frozen lunch

sometimes frozen food gets a bad rap... but here was my lunch yesterday... frozen french onion soup from M&M. it looked kinda weird, but seemed harmless enough.

i've been on a Tim Horton's F&O soup kick lately (i thought it was gone forever, but its back!!! YAY) and this was gonna be it's competition... my BB will document our microwaveable adventure. here we go!

so here is our meal. vacuum sealed in one cylindrical block. tasty.

the block goes in a bowl... bonus points for M&M, you get to keep the bowl!

7 mins later... we have:

it tasted sooooooooooooooooo good! melted cheese... caramelized onions... croutons. yum. and obviously there was one more fan in the office:

lets not take his opinion TOO seriously though. he eats garbage. literally.


melissa said...

quincy's eyes look crazy there. hahaha.....

killa said...

because he's in food mode. i would qualify that as crazy!

yvonne kai said...

i ate the same thing but from trader joes.. it was in the same vacuum pack...and it didnt come with a bowl and it tasted gross. nothing like the real thang!

killa said...

this one kicked ass!