Tuesday, October 26, 2010


i consider myself a chip connoisseur. whenever i go somewhere, i need to get to the closest grocery or convenience store to find out what chip flavours they offer in their hood.

my top 3:
  • Doritos - Cool Ranch (ok, its not the most creative, but it's a classic)
  • Marks & Spencer - Beef & Onion crisps (in the UK, "chips" are actually fries... "crisps" are chips)
  • Miss Vickie's - Honey & Roasted Garlic
when i went to the UK this summer i went nuts and ate about a million bags... everything there is meat, cheese & onion flavoured... mmm. M&S has the best chips... ham & honey, beef & onion, cheese & red onion, thai chilli and the list goes on. i'm drooling thinking about it.

Walkers makes some kick ass flavours too. argentinian flame grilled steak, french garlic baguette, japanese teriyaki, roast chicken (this one is super salty, my fav!!!) they make Monster Munch too... even tho i know the pickled onion might be a turn off for most... i like 'em.

the US has a lot of good flavours too... but i look to them for other treats & snacks... most importantly, Cheez Its and Cheddar Chex Mix.

my bf went to Spain recently... and knowing my love for chips, she brought me back these:

jamon aka ham Ruffles! mmmmm... i'm sad that i finished them already, but i sure enjoyed eating 'em! Ruffles has made some damn good chips... another fav of mine: sour cream & onion. that is a classic that i will eat from any brand.

whoa. i talked about chips waaaaay longer than i meant to. i'm thirsty now.


melissa said...

ruffles sour cream and onion used to be my favourite because they were more sweet and creamy. now they are not as coated and more salty.

those ham ruffles for spain were good tho. they tasted like sour cream and bacon.

when i was in wales, they had a variety pack of monster munch. there are other flavours than pickled onion.

and the purple miss vickies (honey and roasted garlic) are the best ones ever.

i had prawn cocktail pringles...i know they sound gross and you don't like shrimp but they didn't taste like shrimp. they were good. kinda sour.


i could go on about chips.

killa said...

i actually like those chinese prawn chips... so i know where you are going with it!

... we should have a chips party!

emti said...

Miss Vickie's Honey Roasted Garlic is sooooo yummy
and yes Melissa Ruffles sour cream and onion used ot be so much better