Sunday, October 10, 2010


i've been trying to get people to bowl lately and here is another installment...

dennis & i went bowling on friday and managed to squeeze in 3 and a half games into an hour. not bad! we both suffered from various bowling related fatigue eventually (sore arms, hurt thumbs...) but still had a really good time!

highlights of the night:
  • weak ass date going on in the lane next to us. they had the gutter bumpers up. what the hell is that? are you 7? grown ass people using the bumpers? the guy actually still somehow managed to get a gutterball too... whatta tool.
  • neither of us is a pro bowler, but we had a goal to at LEAST get over 100... only one of us reached that... *ahem, ahem* ;)
stole some pics from dennis... go see below!

inside joke for bowling names

check my form! i should be in a league...

you might want to look beyond me in this picture. what do you see? nothing? yup, thats right. nothing. no pins... SSSSSSSTEEEE-RIKE!

dennis trying a different ball. not sure it helped ;)


my thumb started to hurt!!

so... who wants to bowl next?? ;)

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