Wednesday, November 25, 2009

creeping Ms. Jameson

so yeah... back from cali for sales meetings and have a couple updates...

*in Forever 21 w andrea aka gary*

her: "hey... that chick over there looks like a blow up doll..."

me: "yeah, she does..." *double take*

me: "ummm... i think thats Jenna Jameson"

after some deliberation, we come to the conclusion that it IS Ms. Jameson... fascinated by her, for whatever reason, i creep on her in the store like some weak ass paparazzi with my Blackberry camera... see below:

this wasn't good enough, we needed her fabulous shoes in the pic and this wasn't gonna cut it. the last thing i need is to get caught, yelled at, then end up on TMZ. so we had a different plan... help Ms. Ortiz with a size she needed from the top shelf... and trade her for a picture for my "BOYFRIEND" who is a "big fan" (my imaginary boyfriend is a better story than... lets say... me being a big fan?! ew.)

anyways. end result below:

she's nice... very little... and loves F21... the end!

(i think that is the only thing she and i have in common :S)


melissa said...

ok, what is going on in the second photo? i'm stumped.

killa said...

its jenna's giant pile of clothing behind the counter!