Wednesday, September 15, 2010

butter jelly?

... no, Butter London nail polish... Jelly formula!

Butter makes some pretty cool nail polishes. it's hard to justify paying $17 for nail polish, but when the formula is superb and the color is unique enough, why not splurge every once and a while (hello Chanel Les Khakis?). they even came out with colours that pay tribute to Alexander McQueen for this fall... very cool

so, anyways... jelly.

there are 3 polishes in this collection... Chuffed, Twee... and my newest acquisition, Stroppy. these aren't new on the market (spring stuff, i think?) but they are new to me. i worked with Chuffed to make a super hot gradient mani with gold a while back...

i have big plans for Stroppy... rest assured, i will share my results. it's a sheer pale grape, speckled with iridescent glitter. what should i mix it with? silver? green? blue? gold? hmm...

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