Saturday, September 4, 2010

home from Home and Home

... i go to a lot of concerts, but i have never been to one that had 45,000 people in attendance. crazy!

just got back from Detroit where i caught the 2nd night of the Jay Z & Eminem "Home and Home" tour at Comerica Park. it was a little windy (and cold) in the D (ha!), but it was a small price to see a concert that is likely to go down in history as one of the best...

i'm sure you've heard about it... and it is exactly what you would expect. amazing!

we had some special guests... B.o.B, Jeezy, D12, Trick Trick and 50 Cent & G Unit... we were a little bummed when we didn't get Drake (he was there on the first night), until Dr Dre came out... c'mon, that is a pretty good surprise!

anyways, maybe i'll update again when i steal melissa's videos :)

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