Sunday, September 19, 2010

i vant to suck your... halloween.


as you may or may not know... halloween is one of my fav times of year. i put a lot of effort into my costumes and i like to start early... as soon as the summer is "over" (september... boooo) the wheels start turning

Twilight really is the scourge of my halloween this year. other than the obvious cliches that are out there (devils, angels, sexy cops, school girls... & so on), stupid vampires are going to be out there in droves. i looked at a few costume sites online today and at least 60-70% of the costumes revolved around vampires. my friend Jen and I were actually were victorian style vampires quite a few years ago (think my fav movie - a GOOD vampire movie - Interview With the Vampire). i don't have pictures because it was too long ago and digital was only a technological pipe dream then... we wore lace and velvet...

anyways. i'm gonna try my best not to be around anywhere full of Twi-hards...

i have a few ideas floating around for this year in my head but... i still haven't decided. any suggestions?

some past Halloweiners....

50's pin up. easy costume... one of the rare Halloween costumes where i didn't wear a wig!

Marie Antoinette... pretty complicated costume, but i was satisfied with the result.

a baby doll... dolly... whatever. i didn't like this one too much. it was a last min effort. not my style.

last year... mermaid. made this one myself... one of my fave costumes ever!

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