Monday, September 13, 2010

my take on the vma's

i was really looking forward to the MTV VMA's... i don't know why, but i was anxious all day about it.

anyways, this will be shorter if i only talk about the things i liked (aka NOT nicki minaj, kanye's new song & excess chest, ke$ha, lipsynch)


lady gaga. she looked amazing & she won almost everything and deserved it all. i loved that she wore Alexander McQueen aswell... shoes circa Spring 2010, his last collection.

Rihanna - popped up out of nowhere to join Eminem to open the show. the same way i was hoping for in detroit... we wasn't so lucky there. so... that was a 2 for 1. 2 artists i admire, 1 great preformance.

the cast of Jackass. i almost forgot these guys existed... even better? Jackass 3 is coming out soon... i could probably do without it being in 3D though.

lastly... Justin. enough said.

30 Seconds to Mars. i don't particularly like or dislike them... but i thought their wardrobe was looking good. so, there you go.

honourable mentions: go Canada... congrats Biebs. nice going on the award... Drake, B.o.B... & Cher!!?? her plastic surgeon really knows how to "Turn Back Time"... har, har, har

and with that bad joke, i'm done :P

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melissa said...

i agree with most of that except for jared leto not being able to read. but the jackass high5 was the funniest thing ever.

and i love b.o.b.