Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vancity Pt 2 - Play

so now that that work stuff is over... play! our night started at Me & Julio for a Mexican themed christmas dinner!

some the wonderful Timebomb/NLA/Offshoot team :)

me & andrea (hi andrea! miss you, call me at work!)
are you wondering why people are taking pictures of hza crying? i'll tell you. he just finished doing a famous Timebomb shot. snort the salt, take the tequila shot, then squirt the lime in your eye. yes, you read it right. his tears are proof!

i spilt from the crew for a few to check out a Three 6 Mafia concert with Martini (thanks again! xoxo). this is us on route in a limo... apparently taxis aren't good enough for "Partini" haha

haha my only weak ass picture of the show... not that different than the beer goggles i was wearing at this point (Soho & 7 goggles to be more exact). concert was cool... the crowd was not. i don't wanna diss Van's finest, so enough said ;)

met up with everyone back at Shine... where the party was already going
G Man!

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