Friday, December 12, 2008


i was taking a taxi ride the other day and was listening to the blabber on his radio... the operator was kinda mean... would you take this if your boss spoke to you this way?

operator: "hey, are you at the pick up site?"
taxi driver: "yes i am, i'm here at the front door, 415 Blah-Blah Street"
operator: *angry, yelling* "well, you are at the wrong place! it's 414! it's not that hard!!!"
taxi driver: "------"
operator: "you are at the wrong place AND wrong location! you are supposed to be at the back, not the front! what if you were back working at that hot dog stand and gave your customer mustard, when they asked for ketchup? they would be pretty mad, right?"

haha... geez. taxis. never a dull moment.

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