Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Pizza!

i went to Boston pizza with 2 friends yesterday... there was somewhat of a blizzard outside (but not the "Snowmageddon" we had last week) but it didn't stop me from finishing my Christmas shopping & getting some food.

i always said i hated Boston Pizza, when in reality i only ever went to the place once when it first opened like 10 years ago?! and... hate was a strong word... i really just disliked the crust & i found it bland. and i tend to leave crusts behind anyways, so was it THAT big a deal?

anyways... gave it a second try and i wasn't mad at it. Jen & i shared the "Ultimate Pepperoni" and "Spicy Perogy" pizzas. i love perogies... and i love pizza... so that was a good combo. and everyone knows i love pepperoni (except for the massive barf inducing pepperoni poutine i had in montreal) so how can you go wrong with the ULTIMATE pepperoni?

a couple random pictures from the evening (yet no pizza pictures?!)...

PS the crust still sucks.

i still laugh everytime i see this picture...

and above is proof that Dennis CAN look normal in a photo....

1 comment:

melissa said...

heyyyyy....we went to boston pizza today too!

coincidence? i think....yes.

merry xmas killaaaaaa....up next, your bday extravaganza!!!!