Monday, December 8, 2008

Girls night!

my longtime girlfriends (and one boy, i didn't forget you Joey!!!) and i get together now and again and have girl's nights... they are always fun and the older we get, the more immature the parties get...

watching tv, pigging out on junkfood, gossip, kareoke, "beverages".... you know, the normal stuff...

makeovers still get done, but they seem to get worse and worse over the years. case in point:

this was me a couple of years ago after looking in the mirror and realizing that they wrote two different words describing the male genitalia on my face. thanks girls. thanks.

i guess this was revenge for what i did to them haha (sorry ladies :P)

i'm just posting this nostalgia because we've set the date for our annual Kris Kringle/Christmas party! Dec 20th... we're gonna have a drunken kareoke fest... complete with... rockband make overs.

hey. i don't laugh and what you do for fun!


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