Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Vancity Pt 1 - Work

so as promised... a look into my Vancouver trip via pictures... installment one... work! stay tuned for play...

we went for a whole day of meetings at Timebomb Trading, our head office and distribution for all our brands (LRG, Luxirie, Freshjive). they have the most impressive warehouse i've ever seen... the place is huge! there is amazing art everywhere and the place is built to be as green and earth friendly as possible.

the meetings were... well... meetings. as productive as they are, they can get a little boring... so we needed to spice things up a little ;)

ah the Westcoast... we had to take a tally of how many times words like "rad" and "stoked" came up. stoked was the clear winner... i should have added "awesome", that would have given them both a run for their money

i've never worked in a place that had Wii, foosball and ping pong!

my new friend that hangs out under the stairs (literally)

Nick Louie... one of the coolest guys i know!

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