Friday, December 12, 2008

Duran Duran!

so by now, you already know that Duran Duran is my first love... i've seen them in concert 5 times and was in a panic when their Dec 9th show was coming closer and i didn't have a ticket... i scrambled around and then the best guy EVER came to the rescue.... Sweets!!!!

he got the hook up and we sat 5th row, LTFL (John's side, fyi)... the view and the show was amazing! best songs of the night? Come Undone (always my fav), Serious (remixed), The Reflex, Wild Boys, Tempted... and Save A Prayer (if i had a lighter, i would have brought it out)
then... the meet & greet. outside of old groupie's daughters, i'm usually the youngest in the house. got to meet & chat with all the guys.... great experience all around!! i'll let the pictures explain the rest.

did Roger stand next to the Rogers sign on purpose???

Simon held my hand and then it smelled like Simon after! (smelled yummy, fyi)

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