Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Agent Provocateur...

as you already know... i have a love for lingerie and AP is my fav... we don't have one in Toronto (maybe thats why its a little more special?), so whenever i'm in a city that has one (Las Vegas, LA and most recently, Vancouver) i run in like a maniac and attempt to justify it to my credit card...

so, as you already should know... i was in Van on the weekend and the ONLY shopping i allowed myself was one treat. i've ALWAYS wanted a pair of the Marylin panties... so thats what i got. classic black satin thong, fuctional ribbon tie up sides. $140 well spent in my books.

some people say i'm crazy for buying $140 underwear... but when you really love something and it's just an every once and a while thing... it's ok. and trust me, it's not just to impress the boys... they can't tell the difference between $1 underwear and $100 haha! (but gents know this... my panty game is mean!) haha!

my fitting room selections... i wanted to take the heart bra home with me so bad too :(

i wanted to clepto the robe in the changeroom too (but i didn't :X)


Christmas is coming... maybe someone will leave these under my tree for me? it's getting expensive collecting these on my own:

Esme Playsuit
Love Demi Bra (red or black please!)
Love Suspender
AP Dressing Gown (i don't have to steal it anymore!!)
Aliyah Bra
anything from the Minnie range

ok so... maybe if i don't get any of these things *cries*, you fellas that read this damn thing will at least consider buying some of this for your lady. trust me, the present will only benefit you!

xoxoxo killz

(uhh... just in case... i am a 32C x Small in Agent Provocateur... you can order online... just get at me for the mailing address... wow that was desperate)

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