Monday, June 15, 2009

Locker room etiquette

ladies. i have to admit, i'm a little squeamish with your average locker room bizness. the whole nakedness around me thing. i think it stems from me being an only child and constantly being alone... and locking doors behind me... and never changing in front of others. i used to change in the bathroom stall by myself when i was in high school

anyways, i digress.

but nowadays, i've come to terms with that you are gonna take your clothes off. i've come to terms that i might see some of your nakedness. i understand that you may extend this nakedness for an abnormally long time, even during social interaction. you may even talk to me during it (please don't?)

ok. i have to draw the line somewhere though. please, PLEASE don't apply pantyliners in my presence. it's bad enough you did it in front of your mom.


1 comment:

Heyhomee said...

Applying pantyliners in the locker room is better than tampons, no?