Monday, June 8, 2009

Back from Cali

when you work for LRG, everything is always kept business-like. you'll notice this from the pictures below. strictly pro, thats us.


-craig riding the mechanical bull (hey yvette, we paid for you to go on too! are you going to? *blank stare, walks away*)
-dre and i playing hangman... but never during meetings ;)
-jonas admitting he wants to be Jesus during a motivational speech
-leaving my pride/dignity somewhere in that damn city
-eating a million baby croissants in the morning
-living without Red Bull for 3 whole days. a new record (i had one this morning at 11am tho)
-managing to bring just carry on only... *pats myself on the back*
-meeting "Gary Coleman" ;)


Heyhomee said...

Can we PLEASE see a picture of Craig on the mechanical bull?? PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAASE???

killa said...

i wish i had one... i had a choice, possibly miss it to run and get my camera... or watch it. i chose the latter :P