Thursday, June 11, 2009


lissa and i went on a Vaughan Mills adventure not so long ago and came up with some gems (besides Taco Bell stomach murder). since 99% of the stores in that mall are clearance items, it's no wonder that the Toys Toys Toys store was overrun with bizarre collectable and ethnic Barbies. if shes not blonde and blue eyed, they have it! all the good ones go for full price in the regular store... but hey... i know some little girl out there wants Hungary Barbie, maybe Cinco de Mayo Barbie... or Christmas 2004 Barbie. or how about Grandma or Grandpa? bet you didn't realize that you could buy them too!

which one was my favorite?

OBVIOUSLY Bert from Mary Poppins. who needs Mary when you have Bert. he's much more handsome than Ken...

am i right?

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melissa said...

lol...totally forgot about the bert barbie. so random!