Monday, June 22, 2009

First day of summer/happy fathers day!

yay! first day of summer and fathers day (yesterday... sorry, didn't feel like updating then ;)

spent some time at Lakeshore Promenade with lissa... we had ice cream from Dairy Cream (Crispy Crunch & Skor blizzard) and then sat on the rocks for the "view" that lissa wanted to see. we promptly moved over to the "beach" so i could put my feet in the water, after laughing at melissa for her desire for the "view" (there was no view to speak of, just water).

we saw baby swans (everybody go "awww!") and the mommy & daddy swan. then there were a big pack of canada geese... i don't like them. in fact, i hate them. they are evil and chase people and leave crap everywhere. the only thing i like about them is how warm they keep me in the winter ;)


lissa has all the pictures of us struggling to walk around in the water... but it was good times. a sunday well spent! sun, ice cream and swans :P

now on to monday...


melissa said...

too bad you're not actually a boy, cuz that would have been a great date!

still feeling a bit weird about wading in the bacteria water tho... :S:S:S

Unknown said...

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