Monday, June 1, 2009

Sample sale madness!

another Offshoot sample sale has come and gone... each one more crazy than the one before...

how can you say no to $5 items? exclusive never to be sold samples? sexy sales staff? i know i wouldn't!

lots of star studded cameos from some of my fav people throughout the day... shouts to Chris Ng, Mr. Marcus Troy, the More & Mojo Dj's (see those party pics soon!), some of the Horsemen, the Trini, Heller, the P, Grandpa Streetwear, Chris "my boyfriend's necklace" Ritchie and tons more i'm probably unintentionally forgetting... <3

the best people that come out are the faithful sample sale fans tho... you guys rock. you know you can come find me for a deal anytime! (except when you come in and fuck my shit up when we're closing... or bargain on one piece of clothing that is already 70% off. dude.)

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Heyhomee said...

And thanks for not posting the pic of me! "No Evidence!" ;)
Keep on keepin' on!