Monday, September 1, 2008

Killa long weekend...

this is a long one!

the last long weekend of the summer... i spent most of Saturday shopping with the her dream man with the shutter shades called her a "sexy bitch", so that pretty much made her day (hahah sorry lissa :P). it's alright tho, because an hour later, a 12 year old gave me the once over *shudder*

we watched "House Bunny" and i encourage any ladies who have some spare time to watch it... it's one of those stupid, i don't have to think for an hour and a half flicks. it won't change your life and it won't make you any smarter... but you'll definitely learn some good pick up lines hey... could you tell me where the crapper is? i need to drop off some timber!

sunday we had a photoshoot (pics will come eventually!) and then went to Ice's boat cruise... good times were had all around. shouts to Fran for driving... and to Mar for NOT letting me drink that last drink :)


lissa trying to win some cheesy stuffed animal (or weird plastic glowing things?!) at Yorkdale Mall before we watched our movie... and she won TWO! my hero!

a sneak peek of something to come from Ms. Lissa Monet and myself...

clothes & accessories everywhere...


lissa & i all ready to go on the boat cruise. best song of the night? "Thong Song" by Sisqo... hahahahahaha

haha yyyyyyeah

yvette... aka...

i am a lady who can appreciate the finer things in life. so when i get the chance to spoil myself, i turn to "Ghanel" first.

the birthday game failed me AGAIN. they've stolen all my loonies. can i change the month i was born???


the infamous "Carnival Cones"!!! cake baked right into the waffle cone... umm... heaven!!!!

me, sarah & my other lissa!



melissa said...

ghanel! kills me! i get the tank top for summer, you get the sweater version since summer is now over. bye, cne :(

it doesnt matter who said...

killz! what a fun ass weekend.
i cant wait to see the rest of those pics - our first of 9887 shoots.
im going to bed now....i sleep with my little fish now. ive changed its name to killa...lolz