Sunday, September 21, 2008

I should be sleeping....

... but i'm not.


i have yet another long work roadtrip tomorrow with my BFF, Mar Brown. friday's installment brought us up and down many small, winding, country roads and GPS images that looked like this:

scary. nothing around but trees, cows and the occasional silo. we both decided that the view was nice, but not for us.

the best part of the day? when i spotted the "boarder collie puppies for sale" sign on the side of the road.

Mar just might get to take one of these guys home!!!!!

anyhoo.... this weekend was all about relaxing with girlfriends and eating my sorrows away haha... saturday was so nice outside so i took the opportunity to wear a summer dress, for what might be, the last time this year(shudder). i hate to admit it, but the Fall is coming and... i don't like it one bit!!! i'm gonna miss all the open toes, shorts and dresses :(

Sunday was spent with 2 of my fav girlfriends... Michelle & Jackie (get better soon!!!). we went to Maki Maki (for all you 'Sauga people) for all you can eat Japanese food. i don't know about you, but ever since All You Can Eat came into my life, it's hard to go back to A La Carte! A few shots to give you an idea of why i went there in my fatty pants... hahahaha



melissa said...

i love fall! i can't wait to wear my jackets!

anddddd i wanted to go to maki maki yesterday! we ended up in the same plaza, different restaurant tho. boooo....

killa said...

why would you go to a different place in that plaza?! not when all you can eat is available!!!

i went to tim hortons after and ate a donut and bagel too

:S :S :S

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