Thursday, September 11, 2008

TIFF eTalk Festival Party!

work has been so hectic, i haven't had any time to update my new venture (or re-size my huge pictures for that matter, sorrrryyyy!)

i went to the eTalk Film Fest party a few days ago with some dear friends (shouts to Big C, Hza, BFF Mar Brown and Wayne Warner - the recipient of the coveted extra ticket!)


-ran into Lindsay Lohan in the bathroom and we shared a mirror for our lipgloss
-ate many wonderful carb laden snacks (cheese ravioli, potato wedges, mashed potatoes)
-turned my teeth + lips blue after eating a Ring Pop (thats what i get for hoarding them!)
-ran into many people worth mentioning... Kory Lee, Trish, Marcus Troy, Joe Amio and his cute gf and her super cute hat, haha... the list goes on. Now on to the pictures!
Hza & i

Hza, Mar, Wayne & i

Mr. Marcus Troy (now it's my turn to blog about you!)

the fabulous Ms. Trish!!!
i have a cold, so i'm thinking that getting some rest might be a good idea... until next time ;)

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marcus troy said...

Hey Young Killa! Thanks for blogging about the kid.


Can I live? Troy