Thursday, August 28, 2008

Killa does Vegas....

i'm still getting used to using this darn blog, but anyways... here goes nothing...

i just got back from Vegas yesterday for the bi-annual Magic tradeshow. same old, same old... except more crickets (eek). the new show, Slate, was crazy tho... basically like a streetwear Project (for those that have been). i trekked down with my "dad", C... but i missed the rest of the crew (shouts 2 Hza, Mar & Des!). it's just not the same without them.


-the $7 hot dog at Caesars Forum shops
-my very own hotel room at the Renaissance
-2 filet dinners
-the 41 degree weather (thank god for Lady Speed Stick!!!)
-the Crooks & Castles guys making it rain @ Body English
-the losers at the American Apparel store "yo n*gga, Lil' Wayne wears v necks!!!"
-new friends (hi, Christine!!!!)

anyways. pictures speak a thousand words, so here it goes!

a lady like me has to have a mean panty game going on... so i made my way over to Vicky's & Agent Provocateur on my one spare day... watch out for the neon!

no one loves Hellz Bellz more than i do... Cassie, me, Lanie & Steph (<3)>

my girl, Dara :) @ Slate

the M.O.B's.... Erin, Killa & Leah @ the Stussy/EPMD show at the Palms

Killa hearts Ben Baller @ the Married to the Mob booth at Slate

me, my fav dress and Fran @ Tao...

i'm still sleep deprived from this trip... so off to bed i go! until next Feb, bye Vegas!!!

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melissa said...

i love that you have a i can read about stuff that i already know about. :)