Thursday, September 3, 2009

lets go to the Ex!

ok i've been on and off about updating lately.

aaand my recent updates have been lame. sorry, work has been hectic. its tough hounding people for orders that will never be accepted or paid for in the first place. anyways... i digress.

Offshoot (and lissa) went to the Ex yesterday (i didn't even upload my pics from our first round at the CNE last week... oops... later i guess)! i hear Kardi put on a great show, but i was off somewhere stuffing my face with deep fried candy bars and cookies with lissa. nic and i lost a bunch of money winning a whole lot of nothing too.

anyways. the hilight of the night was the pulled pork sandwich showdown between Nic and Seven. the pictures tell the disgusting, greasy story that can only be appreciated by someone who enjoys large amounts of piggy. i like bacon, but SHEESH! those guys meant business!

the only person who might have rivaled these guys last night is C. they are lucky he doesn't eat pork. i'll tell you what he does eat tho... philly cheesesteak, onion rings, samosas, deep fried clams, bison burgers, deep fried Twix... and a lemonade to wash it all down.

hide your carnival food fare kids, C is on the hunt.

hi mansa! hi max!

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max said...

you forgot the part where mansa and i saved you from being poisoned by your contaminated cotton candy :)