Monday, July 4, 2011

the long weekend!

melissa and i went to a dancehall party on thursday appropriately titled "Tight Up Skirt". good times all around...

random chick:
"yo, you are like PURE dancehall!" haha. thanks!? :/

had an awesome canada day bbq w my friends (missed u jen!) @ michelle's place... did some fireworks & roman candle shenanigans in the park after (more like joey did all the fireworks and we watched... thx joe!). photos courtesy of the awesome fire swinging mr. rennick!

finished off the weekend with the pride parade... but there wasn't enough scandalousness-ess-nesss for me this time around. middle aged people fully dressed, pushing baby carriages and cops in FULL uniform on the parade route doesn't exactly make for much excitement. where were all the speedos and lame shorts? leather? sexy cops? gay firemen? hello? max did you see them?


max said...

OMG Killz I saw SO many old wrinkly naked men after I left you guys. It was so disturbing. Look at this:

That's a mild version of what I saw. My eyes are still burning.

killa said...

hahaha @ max... we saw a guy in assless chaps in the subway. i can only hope he didn't sit down :/