Friday, July 9, 2010


... i went to the infamous Toronto Gay Pride parade last weekend with melissa and, well... here it is!

we drove my new baby (dressed in hello kitty) to the subway and took the vomit comet the rest of the way there... seeing mel on public transit was a treat!

first stop... Wellesley St... melissa pondering

;) good start to the day!

greasy mens

i see London, i see France...

i see your jock strap.

this queen had some awesome lashes... she told me she has them in all colours! can i borrow, girlfriend????

Wood St... need i say more???

even the ads were gay... go TD

ok. this guy put all these Swarovski crystals on his shoes the night before... by hand. all 2016 of them. yes, he knew exactly how many! this is beyond awesome! (sorry, i couldn't rotate the pic for some reason... you get the point)

kiddy pool x speedo x gay

i forgot my bondage gear at home... damn.

there were a bunch of guys dressed as fruits (ha)... here is the kiwi... i think thats a blueberry in the back?

the end!

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melissa said...


but to catch me on a bus or streetcar...that would be a sight to see.