Thursday, March 24, 2011

the gym - ladies, why?

so i try to go to the gym a few times a week (laziness & food usually win over it, but what can you do...) and i keep noticing the same dumb things... why do women:

1) wear tons of make up at the gym

2) wear thongs at the gym

ok, about #1... i swear by make up everyday... and even i don't put it on at the gym. when you get all sweaty, it clogs your pores and looks gross. is it because you are trying to pick up dudes? i'm thinking most guys might think you might be high maintenance if you have to wear make up to the gym... and lets face it, he's gonna see you w/o make up eventually (if things go as planned) right? did i mention clogged pores? break outs? sweaty dripping make up? just making sure i did...

#2... this is just painful. i do weightlifting classes and there are a few thong wearers in the class... imagine doing 50 consecutive squats wearing a thong. hello, road rash! seriously. how does that feel by the end of the class??? does the VPL (visible panty line, for any guys who have actually read this far) really matter at the gym? meh.

maybe i just wanna go to the gym... do whatever i need to do... and get out. i'm not hanging out and treating it like a bar. i'll save my cheesy one liners for somewhere else, not the elliptical...

... even weirder about all of the above? i go to a women's gym O_o

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G_Russ said...

hahaha..."road rash"...that's some classic ish right there!! I always wondered why women got all dolled up to sweat at the gym myself, and i was told it was because of where i was going (Bally's)...but apparently it happens everywhere, huh??