Saturday, April 3, 2010


Turquoise 15-5519 to be exact... that is the Pantone colour of the year and i am super excited. i know it's april and a little bit late to be reporting such events, but hey... my blog, my rules ;)

turquoise/aqua/seafoam and all colours caught between green & blue have always been my fav... and with summer around the corner, i'm way excited to pick up more turquoise for my wardrobe, footwear and whatnot. & how could you not love this colour... it's so pretty and soothing... it reminds me of my tropical vacations to jamaica and the dominican... hell, i even convinced my boss to paint the office aqua!

last years colour was Mimosa (warm yellow) and that was equally as nice. i wore that on my fingertips more than a few times... i think i remember seeing it on ms max-logic too (hi max!).

anyhoo... a few lemmings in the turquoise colour family...

Urban Ears Plattan in Ocean... if i'm gonna listen to music, i might aswell have some pretty awesome headphones on, no?

Essie Resort Collection polish in Turquoise & Caicos (bottom right). i'm not a huge fan of Essie's watery polish, but my recent success with Mint Candy Apple MIGHT make me try this one...

Casio Baby G... ok, my home computer screen is telling me this is not as turquoise as i thought it was... more aqua-baby blue. i posted it, too late, i love it anyways :P

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max said...

oh i hearts this colour.
it's featured in every room of my house.
I want that Essie nail polish colour.
I heart your blog.
that's it.