Friday, August 7, 2009

Nails pt.... ?

i had a cute mani done for Caribana but the colours (electric coral, white, green) just clashed all over the place for "everyday" so i had to get rid of it last night.

(gents, this post is not for you... come to think of it... most of them aren't, ha!)

i bought some new colours lately to play with... so this is OPI "Do You Lilac It?". it went on like a dream and i love the colour. then i busted out the nail art polishes and proceeded to freehand a french mani... an hour and a half later, i had this!

i'm rather amused with the outcome... until i get bored in a couple of days ;)

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Potato said...

Ooh, hot nails! I didn't realize you have this blog now hehe. Hope you're having a good summer!

aka ldylzycrzy